Apple Airpods Pro 1st Generation

CI$ 199.00

Like the standard AirPods, the AirPods Pro are available in a single colour and finish: white,
glossy plastic. Love it or hate it, nothing signifies that you are looking at a pair of AirPods quite
like this design. The earphones themselves look quite different though, with shorter stems,
bulkier earpieces, and larger sensor windows and vents than on the AirPods (2nd Gen). You also
now get IPX4 sweat and water resistance with the AirPods Pro.
The stems on each earpiece have force-touch sensors which are used to control playback and
call handling. A second customizable function can be set to either invoke Siri or cycle through
active noise cancellation and sound transparency functions. You can set which side controls
what function through the Bluetooth settings on an iOS device. It is possible to have either noise
control or Siri on both sides, or different functions on the left and right.

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