V380 Pro Solar Dual CCTV Outdoor WIFI Camera 4K 8MP Solar powered wireless

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Human Motion Tracking, NIGHT VISION, Motion Detection, Built-in Siren, PAN-TILT, Two-way Audio

Two-way Audio, PAN-TILT, RESET, Built-in Mic, NIGHT VISION, Built-in Siren

million pixel outdoor solar monitoring camera

Night vision system: optional infrared or color night vision, which can monitor the doorstep in real-time at any time to ensure safe and smooth enjoyment.

4. APP V380 Pro remote operation: functions such as remote operation, photography, and video recording, allowing remote control of the outdoor environment.

5. Voice intercom: With voice intercom function, you can transmit sound to the external environment through your phone or replay the sound to visitors through the device.

6. Custom alerts: supports custom alerts, and when you receive an alert, it will immediately send an alert message to your phone.

7. Multi user remote access: Share the same camera with your family, leave everything you protect, and pay more attention to your home.

8. SD card: The maximum size of the SD card is 128GB,

9. Waterproof/Dust proof Ip66: The camera casing is made of high-quality ABS plastic and has waterproof, sunscreen, and dust proof functions. It is suitable for any environment.

10. Motion detection and automatic tracking: After locking the target, the camera will automatically adjust the pan tilt rotation.Track moving objects, cars, pets, humans, and push alert notifications to your smartphone.

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